Stage Left Productions
Stage Left Productions has quickly become Calgary’s most accomplished performance company engaging exclusively in arts-based community development processes and in professional artistic production with marginalized artists.

Our primary artistic purpose is to promote the creation, presentation, and dissemination of diverse Canadian artists and their work, to increase appreciation for disparate artists and artistic practices, and to position artist-community collaboration as a valuable and necessary practice within Canada’s professional arts milieu.

Our primary community purpose is to rely on the arts to integrate (not assimilate) marginalized people into the creative, artistic, and social life of our community by providing safe and accessible space in which they can explore, define, and celebrate their culture; develop confidence, imagination, and artistic expression; contribute to the culture of our community in meaningful ways; and express both individual and collective identity.

We also use the arts to enable marginalized people and artists to establish a visible presence in the larger community, increasing awareness of specific issues and fostering an appreciation of diverse cultures through the presentation of authentic, dynamic, and non-sentimental images of personal experiences.

We practice a highly specialized, socio-political performing arts model made up of Popular Theater and Theatre of the Oppressed, coupled with interdisciplinary Performance Creation, to genuinely affect personal and social transformation, and to foster social justice, with marginalized communities.

We are a grass-roots arts-based community development and social action company, taking seriously our service to the communities who work with us to overcome social injustice.