The Commissioning Project
The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project enables the further cultural contributions of disabled artists to Canada’s artistic milieu, and to the international disability arts and culture movement. 

From 2008 through 2010, Stage Left Productions is presenting a Balancing Acts Mainstage Series that revitalizes our company, our disability arts festival, and Canada’s disability art and culture movement. We are doing so by commissioning challenging, thought-provoking performance work of high artistic merit from emerging and established professional disabled artists whose work aligns with the goals and principles of the global disability arts and culture movement. We are therefore open to performance work in any and all disciplines including but not limited to theatre, solo-performance, all types of dance, spoken word, physical theatre, interdisciplinary performance, multi-media, film, performance art, and so on.

The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project supports disabled artists directly, and ensures that the artists themselves maintain full artistic control over their own cultural production. We therefore do not support integrated arts organizations through this Commissioning Project; but do support some of them through our other presenting activities.

Stage Left Productions thanks Calgary Arts Development and the Canada Council for the Arts – Alberta Creative Development Initiative for supporting The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project.